Chinese Textbook Order and Return Policy

中文教材订购和退购条例/ Chinese Textbook Order and Return Policy

  1. 学校负责订购教材 / Textbooks Ordered by the School
    1. 教师使用的教材全部由学校负责订购。若无大的改版,同一本教材可持续使用三年之后可领换新书。需要领取新书的老师请联系栾维芹。
      Textbooks for teacher’s use will be ordered by the School. Typically, a textbook should be used for three years If no major revisions. When a teacher needs a new textbook please contact Weiqin Luan who is responsible for textbook related affairs.

    2. 如果老师想更换所教班级教材, 必须经学校同意,方可更换使用。
      If a teacher wanted to change textbook for a different publisher for his/her class, this must be approved by the School.

    3. 学前班,中间转换学生,或因跳级、换教材等变动,学校负责订购教材。
      For kindergarteners, transfer students, grade change or textbook change, the School is responsible for the order.

    4. 选用 “轻松学中文“和“美洲华语“ 中文教材的,由学校负责订购。
      The School is responsible for the order of Easy Steps to Chinese and Mei Zhou Hua Yu.

    5. 开学第一天在学校领书.
      Textbook will be picked up on the first day of a new school year/semester.

  2. 班级老师或家长代表负责的订书 / Textbooks Ordered by Class Teacher or Parent Representative
    ‘‘ 马立平中文’‘教材: 由现任班级老师或家长代表负责订购好下一学年的中文教材。
    Ma Liping Chinese textbooks are ordered by class teacher or parent representative for your class for the next school year use.

  3. 中文教材网址 / Websites for Chinese Textbook Publishers
    1. 马立平教材/Ma Liping :
    2. 轻松学中文/Easy Steps to Chinese:
    3. 美洲华语/Mei Zhou Hua Yu:

  4. 付款方式 / Payment Method
    学校订书只接受支票 The School only accept check.

  5. 退书 / Return
    If you need to return or exchange a newly bought textbook for any reason, you will get fully refund with the following two conditions: a) must be in good condition, b) within one week.

  6. 联系人 / Contact Person
    Please contact Weiqin Luan for any questions.
    手机 (cell):267-864-6854
    电邮(email):This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.