Classes for Adults




课程介绍 (Class Description) 

Adult Aerobic     The aerobic part is about 20 minutes - it aims to exercise every part in the body and to prepare the body for the yoga part.
Adult Dance Qi, Hong 齐虹  
Ballroom Dance Xu, Jie 徐捷 In the ballroom dance club, we will practice some popular dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, ChaCha, Disco, Samba, line dances, street dances and many more... Everybody can be the teacher in the dance club. We will learn dances from each other. Just have fun.
Chinese Painting

Wang, Huangxin

Henry Shen


The Chinese Painting class will introduce the students tothe basic skills of Chinese watercolor painting of 山水 (“Landscape”) and 花鸟 (“Flowersand Birds”).  Students will learn how touse brushes, control ink and colors on rice paper (宣纸), and key elements and styles in Chinesepaintings.  We will also cover the basicsof Chinese calligraphy and poetry, their relationship to Chinese paintings, howto appreciate Chinese art, and introduce some great artists and their works inhistory. 老师介绍:王老师自幼习画,专山水花鸟,重传统笔墨。作品请看

Henry 是王老师的助教。2017-2018年将辅助老师教学。

Square Dance Chen, Lucy 陈欣舒 Square dancing is a fun activity integrated exercise, fitness, entertainment, and sociality together. It not only improves your blood circulation and keeps the body in shape, but also brings you joy, friendship. Square dancing is for all ages, and easy to learn since it is exactly what walking is. In this class, you will learn a variety of group dance including the basic steps of ballroom and Latin.  Along with all the wonderful music, dancing will make you happy, healthy, confident, and look bright. Come on to have fun together.
Taiji Zhu, Weiqing 朱伟庆



Table Tennis Club Ye, Jianhua 叶建华


前一个小时训练基本功, 后一个小时可分组比赛。前一个小时训练基本功, 后一个小时可分组比赛。

 Yoga  He, Fen  何芬 Registered Yoga Teacher, Half Marathon runner  

The 55-60 minutes class will start with warm ups, progress from simple poses to more complex, difficult and strenuous poses, then finish with cooling and quieting poses. In each class, I will demo, lead or cue the students flow through the well-designed, balanced sequencing of the yoga asana. Assisting and correcting to every student will be expected to make sure the poses are safe, effective and in good alignments. The goal of the course is to maximize the physical fitness and mind’s peacefulness for students.
Students need to bring in yoga mat (required), 2 yoga blocks and 1 yoga belt (optional).
Adults at any active levels are welcome to join.