School Rules for Parents


1. All parents are responsible for their children's compliance to the school rules. Parents are responsible for any damage of school property caused by their children, so it is very important for parents to help their children understand these rules.



2. All parents are required to uphold the reputation of the school and Chinese community and participate in school operations by fulfilling their respective duties on assigned date as well as other volunteer work.



3. For the safety of all of our students, parents, and others, do not drive to the small parking lot reserved for the handicapped. Do not park on the lawn or any other unauthorized spots. The school is not responsible for any parking tickets issued by the MCCC Safety Department.

为了学生、家长和他人安全,如无特殊原因,不将车开至楼前残疾人停车场、草坪上,或任何违例地点。违者将会受到 MCCC 罚款,学校不负任何责任。


4. All parents are required to pay tuition fees on time.



5. Please do not disrupt classes by chatting loudly in the “Quite Zones”.

不在走廊“安静区” 大声聊天。


6. Please do not leave any of your underage children unattended. Pick up your school children on time after classes.



7. Solicitation sales activities (Girl Scout Cookie sales, direct sales, etc.), except for school sponsored ones or those permitted by the MCCC, are not allowed in the school building.