About GHCS

光华中文学校(Guang Hua Chinese School)于2004年在美国宾夕法尼亚州注册,租用费城北郊蒙哥马利社区学院的校舍及其设施办学,是一所非盈利的周日授课的文化教育组织。


光华中文学校实行从学前班到九年级的十年中文教育,同时开设了双语班(CES:Chinese for English Speaking Families)。中文教育本着“因材施教”的原则,满足不同程度、不同背景的学生的需要,同时采用马立平《中文》、暨南《中文》、《美洲华语》和《朗朗中文》等多种教材授课。与此同时,学校还开设了多种多样的文化体育课,其中包括AP中文,舞蹈、诗歌朗诵、绘画、棋艺、足球、篮球、羽毛球、网球、功夫等等。此外,为了活跃家长们业余生活,还开设了健身操、瑜珈、交谊舞、广场舞、合唱团、篮球、网球、太极拳和太极剑等课程,为老人们开设了免费英语学习班。


Guanghua Chinese School (GHCS), registered in Pennsylvania in 2004, is a non-profit cultural and educational organization. Regular instructions of the school are conducted on Sundays at Montgomery County Community College located in the northern suburb of Philadelphia.  

GHCS is committed to the mission of promoting Chinese culture and heritage through dedicated education in Chinese language and cultural exchanges among peoples of surrounding communities. Throughout the last ten years, the leadership team at GHCS has worked in solidarity with teachers and parents. With their selfless dedication, they have built, carefully and together, an important base for Chinese culture dissemination. GHCS’s infrastructure and curriculum have also been improving with time. Now GHCS is the largest Chinese school in the region, with over 70 acclaimed teachers and a registration record exceeding 1,500 for the 2015-2016 school year.   

GHCS’s Chinese languages program spans ten years, from Kindergarten through 9th grade.  GHCS also offers bilingual CES classes designed for English-speaking families. GHCS follows the strategy of individualized learning to meet students’ needs at different levels and from different backgrounds. Chinese languages classes at GHCS adopt a variety of Chinese textbooks to reach varied pedagogical goals. Among these textbooks are Chinese Language by Ma Ping, Chinese from Jinan University, Chinese in Americas and Lang Lang Chinese etc. In addition to Chinese language classes, GHCS also offers a wide variety of cultural and PE classes, AP Chinese, Chinese Dance, Reading Chinese Poetry, Chinese Painting, Chinese Chess, Martial Arts, to name but a few. There are also classes to learn to play football, basketball, badminton, tennis, and so on. GHCS has also made effort to enrich parents’ spare time by offering classes on aerobics, yoga, ballroom dancing, square dancing, choir, basketball, tennis, Taiji and Taiji sword. English classes for seniors are free.

Every year GHCS hosts many cultural activities and stages a variety of events. To reinforce students’ appreciation of Chinese culture, GHCS sponsors a gala performance to celebrate Chinese New Year during the holidays. Also, GHCS organizes sports meet and field trips. In addition, the school holds many contest events to help consolidate students’ Chinese language knowledge. Among these contests are wall-newspaper competitions, Chinese speech contests, Chinese ancient poetry competitions, Chinese essay competitions and Chinese character competitions. GHCS also organizes students to participate actively in local cultural events and encourages them to be active agents of Chinese culture and civilization. GHCS launched the Chinese Culture Summer Camp in 2014 and has had two successful runs in the past two years. The Camp provides our students a chance to learn Chinese language and culture with fun in leisure.