Guang Hua Chinese Cultural Association Constitution


  1. This Association shall be named Guang Hua Chinese Cultural Association (GHCCA) herein referred to as the Association.



  1. The Association is established in dedication to these goals:
    1. To cultivate in the children of Chinese-Americans the awareness and appreciation of the Chinese heritage.
    2. To operate a Chinese language school.



  1. Any individual who supports the goals of the Association and who is of good character and behavior shall be eligible for membership regardless of gender, religion, race, nationality, and ethnicity.
  2. Teachers and parent(s) of students enrolled in the Association operated Chinese language school for children automatically become member(s) of the Association.



  1. The Association is a non-profit organization under the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All the assets and income of the Association shall be used and disbursed in fulfillment of the goals set forth and in such a manner as to conform to the codes and regulations of the U.S. Internal Revenue service concerning the status and function of non-profit organizations.



  1. The Membership Meeting shall be the supreme authority of the Association. The meeting shall be held annually with a date set in advance and shall be referred to as the Annual Membership Meeting. The Annual Membership Meeting shall discuss and resolve all policy matters of the Association and elect directors to form a Board of Directors of the Association (herein referred to as the Board).
  2. The Annual Membership Meeting shall elect, from the general membership, a principal of the Chinese language school for children. The principal shall have the authority and responsibility to conduct all the business for the school.
  3. In addition to the principal, who shall automatically become a member of the board, the membership meeting shall elect, among general membership, other directors of the board to form a board of seven directors.
  4. The Special Membership Meeting shall be held within sixty (60) days upon the written request of one-third, or more, of the total membership and/or the resolution to hold such a meeting by the Board of Directors.
  5. No less than one-third (1/3) of the number of all members of the Association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



  1. The Board of Directors shall be the executive body of the Association. The Board shall have the authority and responsibility to conduct all business for the Association.



  1. The Board shall make annual reports of the state of the Association at the Annual Membership Meeting.



  1. The resolution of business of the Association, except so adopted as important matters, shall be decided by a simple majority vote. Voting by proxy or by mail shall be permitted.
  2. The adoption of the Status of Important Matter shall be a simple majority. The resolution on the Matter proper shall be by no less than two-thirds (2/3) majority of the total legal votes present in the meeting.



  1. The transaction of all the business of the Association shall abide by the Bylaws of the Association. The Bylaws shall not be in conflict with this constitution to be valid. Amendments to the Bylaws shall be the responsibility of the Board and be followed by a majority approval of the Annual Membership Meeting.



  1. This constituion shall be effective upon the adoption of the Founding Membership Meeting. Amendments henceforth shall be proposed in writing to the Board thirty days (30) prior to an Annual Membership Meeting. Adoption of an amendment shall be voted on by no less than one-half of the Membership and be resolved by no less than two-thirds (2/3) majority of those participated in voting.