Parent Responsibilities

  1. Providing assistance in teaching activities, this may vary from class to class. Please discuss with your teacher about specific needs.
  2. Representing your class in school-parent meetings, responsible for passing on information to your class parents.
  3. Checking regularly for emails from GuangHua Chinese School ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You will receive email notifications about school duty, parents meeting, etc. 
  4. Maintaining a parent duty schedule for various class and school activities during the school year:
  5. Assign parents for classroom duties, for example, bringing snacks/drinks for your Kindergarten class. Please have a discussion with parents about duties tailored to your class.
  6. According to the schedule and reminder, notify parents to patrol the floor assigned to your class when your class is on duty (2 parents each time, about 2-3 times each school year)
  7. Organize the activities assigned to your class in Field Trip/Field Games.
  8. Provide names and contact information of parent helpers to school for New Year Gala, Games and Graduation Ceremony.
  9. Assign parents to judge Speech Contest at school level in Fall.
  10. Assign parents to judge Poster Contest in Spring.