2021 GHCS Poster Contest

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CES Group 1 (CES1&CES2 我的家庭和我, CES3A 夏天, CES3B 我爱学中文, CES4 2020 to 2021)

CES Group 2 (CES6 我的快乐与烦脑)

KG/G1组(KGA 春天, G1A 1 我们是G1A 的小朋友G1A 2 我们是G1A 的小朋友)

G2/G3组(G2A 我的2020, G2B 我和春天有个约会, G2C 家庭网校, G3A 我的梦想G3B 给想象力插是翅膀)

G4/G5组(G4A 保护动物, G4C 我最喜欢的中国美食, G5A 话说西游, G5B 疫情和我, G5C 我的爱好)

G6/G7组(G6A 一种植物, G7B 我最喜欢的中国景点, G7C 我的爱好, G7D 在我的身边, G7E 神奇的中国游)

G8/G9组(G8A 我所喜爱的一位中国历史人物G8B 疫情下的中文课, G9A 我最欣赏的一位海外华人, G9B 看中国) 


GHCS Poster Contest (光华中文学校壁报比赛)

GHCS holds yearly Poster Contest in each Spring semester. This Year the Poster Contest time is 5/15/2021. This year is special – we are doing online Poster Contest

You can download the Postal Contest TemplatePostal Contest Template General Guidelines and Postal Contest Judges and Rating Form.

我校每年在春季学期举行壁报比赛。2021年的比赛时间是 5/15/2021. 今年特殊情况 – 我们将举行网上壁报比赛。

The general guidelines are below(条例如下)

  • Poster Contest is online this year. Each class will submit a PPT slide deck in PDF format.

Only text , photos and pictures allowed in PPT, no link or video allowed.

今年的比赛是网上进行。 每个班以班为单位, 上交一套由学术作品组成的 PPT, 并将PPT转化成PDF文件.PPT只允许有文字图片,不允许有链接和视频。 

  • Poster contest is mandatory and each class must send your PPT to attend contest.


  • Poster topics are decided by classroom teachers.


  • Post paper submission rate is weighted to final score so please encourage all of your students to attend the poster contest.


  • Each student should have one page of slide, no more than 2 slides for each student.

每个学生一张Slide, 最多不超过两张

  • Team members will be the judges for Poster Contest this year. We will not arrange the team member as judge for the grade if their kids are there.


  • Teachers please submit your class PPT 5/15/2021 to Jing Zhang via email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

请老师们请将你班的PPT在五月十五号之前 通过邮件送给张静的邮箱 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Awards will be given to first 3 places, but all classes which attend the contest will have attendance award. .

学校根据评选结果奖励前三名, 但所有参与班级都有纪念奖。