Weekly Brief:

1.     Donation updates.
2.     New class and new teacher
3.     Summer program Information Meeting at 2:00-3:00 Room 345 school office
4.     Audition schedule on Feb 4
5.     GPCCC’s activities
6.     Student Art Exhibition and auction 


1. Hui Zhang and Yi Zhao have made their contributions to our school and GPCCC. GHCA thanks Hui and Yi for all these years for their generous support! Also, we are very happy to say that quite a few companies and organizations have committed to sponsor our CNY Gala. However, we are still looking for more sponsors to help us. If you would like to sponsor our CNY Gala or if you know anyone and any company is interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

春节即将来临,我们真诚地希望大家为学校春节联欢活动捐款,或为学校拉赞助。有关捐款和赞助事项可以直接与红霞This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.和游恒 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 联系。捐款可以以实物、现金、支票和PayPal各种形式,在此感谢大家的支持!

2.New Class: Fundamentals of Java 1:00-1:50pm Room 317 by Amy Ouyang starting this Sunday Jan 29. 

Amy is a current junior at Methacton High School. In middle school, Amy learned C++ on her own which started her passion for Computer Science. She is a member of the school Robotics Team and a founder of the Girls Who Code (GWC) at her school. Furthermore, Amy is the IT lead in the Entrepreneurship Club. The club is participating in Launch X sponsored by MIT which aspires to create a real startup company. As the IT lead, Amy is responsible for the development of the website, app, and communications.

This Introduction to Java class aims to better prepare students for more advanced Java classes. In class, students will create basic programs from computing to input/output statements. Fun projects such as created mini-games will be throughout the course. The goal is to grasp a solid foundation through interactive lessons and programs.

Typical assignments and projects include using built-in and programmer-defined classes, performing basic input and output operations, and solving programming problems. The class will utilize free programs such as CodingBat and https://repl.it/. This class will readily prepare students to take more advanced courses.


  • Currently in middle school or older
  • Has taken an Algebra 1 class.
  • Has a laptop to bring in for every class.

**first class bring a laptop

3. Would you like to know more about the Summer Programs Information, please come to the school office 345 at 2:00pm. Principal Heng You and Xianghong Zhang will give a brief introduction on the summer programs run by GHCA and by Guo Qiao Ban.

If you are interested in the summer programs either School program, or programs sponsored by Chinese Qiao Ban, please join us at the school office 345 @2:00 this Sunday.

For the GHCS Summer Program, here is a brief description:

Our Guanghua Chinese School is holding the 5th year summer program. This year we will have Professional Teachers from China to join us. Also, we will have different themes each week, They are:

Week 1 June 25-June 29 Chinese Cultural Week

Week 2 July 2-July 6 (July 4th closed) Adventure Week

Week 3 & Week 4 July 9 – July 20 Qiaoban Program by Professional Teachers

Week 5 July 23-July 27 Imovie Week, Childen Drawing

Week 6 July 30-Aug 3 Imovie Week, Famliy Album Making

Week 7 Aug 6 – Aug 10 Pingpang Week, Chess Week

Week 8 Aug 13 – Aug 17 Robotic Lego Week, Computer Coding Week

Week 9 Aug 20 – Aug 24 Chinese Follk Dance Week, Dawing Week

Week 10 Aug 27 – Aug 31 Chinese Cultural Week

The early registration will begin on Feb 4, 2018. We will hold an information meeting this Sunday, Jan 28, 2018. The information meeting will start at 2:00pm at room 345 in Pakhouse Hall in Montgomery County Community College. Hope you all join us!  

4. CNY Gala program audition is next Sunday Feb 4 at Atrium, Parkhouse Hall. Please get it ready if you have performance on Feb 25. The audition schedule is attached.

5. GPCCC’s Activities

  • Family night: Saturday January 27 @7:00pm-10:00pm, Chinese New Year Party, all are welcome!

为丰富社区业余生活, 欢庆新春佳节的到来, 文化中心将于Saturday, 1/27/2018 举办迎新春Family Fun Night活动。活动项目丰富多彩, 有卡拉OK、跳舞、打牌、打乒乓、打麻将、聊天儿、等等。活动期间有抽奖活动,欢迎大家踊跃报名参加。https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_AZob5KhNX3dZjA92RaZqlfQbT4uwFRJ3vGHb9uBKrM/viewform?chromeless=1&edit_requested=true&from=groupmessage

时间: 7:00-10:00, Saturday, 1/27/2018

地点: 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell,  Pa 19422.

Fee: free/member, $5/Non-member, $10/Family excluding children who need babysitting, free/senior(65+)

Onsite babysitting will be provided for children 2-10 for $5/child

Water will be provided.

  •  文化中心非诚勿扰单身联谊: 鸡尾酒的调制和品尝


主讲人: 卢莹


1. 鸡尾酒由来

2. 鸡尾酒的特点、调酒用的原料和器具

3. 调酒的方法--介绍混合酒的种类、名称、起源和如何调制

4. 现场调制几款鸡尾酒并介绍具体的调制方法。

时间:2月9日 周五 7:00pm 讲座; 8:00-9:00pm 自由活动

地点:GPCCC, 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Fee:$10 per person (pay at the door)

Sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/xMfi69bKecf4QKdA3

6.  为弘扬和传承中华文化,由在美留学生茅晨楷同学负责主办的“杭州伟华教育书画院学生作品赴美展览”将于二月十一日下午在光华中校大厅內进行作品展示介绍和义卖活动,所得款项将全部捐赠给光华中文学校。 热盛欢迎 各位学生和家长前来观摩欣赏并参与义卖。此次展出的字画作品来自于杭州伟华教育书画院的学生和老师。杭州伟华教育书画院创办于2012年1月,主要致力于书法、美术、写作、文言文培训,是中国美术学院美术考级定点考级单位、全国硬笔书法教育百强培训机构(学校)、曾获得“飞翔杯”全国学生书法美术大赛十强素质教育先进集体、浙江省大爱慈善基金会爱心单位,获得第18、19届全国美术书法大赛集体奖。敬请光临。

GHCS Management Team