Guanghua Chinese School offers a comprehensive 10 year Chinese language program and SAT-II/AP Chinese preparation courses.


Guang Hua Chinese Association is a nonprofit school. We truly appreciate your donations, which supports GHCS promoting Chinese culture and language studies in the greater Philadelphia area and local communities.
The Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center


GPCCC provides many year-long programs for our community to learn and appreciate the essence of Chinese culture and Chinese language.


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Latest News

  • Guanghua Chinese Association Weekly Newsletter for Sunday March 10, 2018
    1. Donation updates2. GHCS Summer Program Classes Introduction by Instructors @2:00 Room 3453. NO school Day Services for Spring Break4. Presentation about Scouting to the boys in our school by Jay Einber on March 11 @2:00 at Room 3445. Visa services : This Sunday Mandy Hu 2:00-3:00pm at Room 3176. Seminar on Private schools in the greater Philadel... Read More
  • Guanghua Chinese Association Weekly Newsletter for Sunday March 18, 2018
    1. No class this Sunday 3/18/2018. MCCC is close for Spring Break 2. Teachers Changes: computer coding classes and computer coding club 3. Poster contest is on April 15. Please pick up the White board on March 25 when school is open. 4. NO school Day Services for Spring Break at Cultural Center 5. Guanghua Summer Program 6. Accel will be in the sch... Read More
  • 2018年“中国寻根之旅”海外华裔青少年夏令营
    1. 来自全美中文学校协会信息( a. 景德镇营-7/3-7/13 已满 b. 山东泰安营-7/23-8/3 已满 2. 各省市自治区侨办的信息 (光华可以自己组团如果有 10 人以上): 名称:2018 年“中国寻根之旅”夏令营——光阴名城广丰营 地点:中国 江西省 上饶市 报名:2018-03-07 - 2018-06-03 营期:2018-06-11 - 2018-06-20 名称:2018 年“中国寻根之旅”夏令营——中国铜都德兴营 地点:中国 江西省 上饶市 报名:2018-03-07 - 2018-07-30 营期:2018-08-01 - 2018-08-10 名称:2018 年“中国寻根之旅”夏令营 3——暨南大学营 地点:中国 广东省 广州市 报... Read More
  • Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) Weekly Newsletter for Sunday March 4, 2018
    1. Another successful CNY Gala of Guang Hua! Thanks and issues2. Changes of the GHCS leadership team3. Poster contest postponed to April 154. Summer program registration5. NO school Day Services for Spring Break6. Dance Troupe over 10 years old Audition on March 4 @12:00 at MCCC Multipurpose Room (Dance Studio)7. Free Yoga at GPCCC Cultural Center... Read More
  • 欢乐中国年,公益到社区
    欢乐中国年,公益到社区 —— 记光华中文学校欢乐中国年公益演出 2/16/2018 二月十六日周五晚,William Jeanes Memorial Library, Nicholas and Athens Karabots Center for Learning 内张灯结彩喜气洋洋。光华中文学校校长游恒携学校表演团队到这里为当地的智障人士做公益演出,整个图书馆中心充满了浓郁的中国新年欢乐气息。 在该馆公共关系主任 Deborah Moore 热情的引荐下,校长游恒先向到场的来宾致以中国新年的问候,并简洁介绍了中国人庆祝春节的意义与习俗。话音甫洛,一只欢乐中国龙伴随着喜庆的新年音乐跳跃而出,瞬间引燃现场气氛。接下来,十二个精彩纷呈的节目依序而出:苗族舞《锦鸡乐》,舞蹈《六月清河》,朝鲜舞《阿... Read More