Weekly briefing: 
1.  12月29日 光华”Family Fun Night“--迎新年, 庆元旦!
2.  光华迎新摄影展
3.  No School Day Service during Winter Break
4.  Donation Acknowledgment  
5.  Upcoming Seminar
1. 光华“Family Fun Night”--迎新年, 庆元旦!
    时间: 12月29日 周六  6:00pm-10:00pm
    大费城华人文化中心将于12月29日,举办2018年终Family Fun Night活动。活动项目丰富多彩,有元旦欢乐大聚餐、绘画摄影展览、卡拉OK、跳舞、打牌、打乒乓、打麻将、聊天儿等等。请参加的朋友每人带一道菜来分享,一同欢度2018最后的时光!
地点:   905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell,  Pa 19422.
聚餐形式:  Potluck
费用: Free
2. 光华迎新年摄影展
    时间: 12月29日  周六
3. No School Day Service during Winter Break
    GPCCC offers No School Day Service during Winter Break. No School Day Service opens on 26, 27, 28 Dec, three full days. The time frame is 8am-6pm. Typical daily schedule is as follows: 8:00-9:00am drop off and quiet reading, 9:00-12:00 holiday related stories, craft, and games, 12:00-1:00 lunch, 1:00-4:00 games, elective activities, 4;00-6:00 quiet time, reading, board games, homework 6:00pm pick up, we are also planning to make a field trip on one of those three days.
The tuition fee is $150 for three days service and $70 for one day Service. 
Please contact Xianghong Zhang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for details & registrations.
4. Donation Acknowledgment  
    Our Guang Hua Chinese School and Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center would like to thank the following families/individuals for their generous donation made in 2018. Their support has greatly assisted our extended local community to learn and appreciate the essence of Chinese culture and Chinese language. It has also enhanced our school in exploring Chinese heritage with the next generation. Without their help, it wouldn’t be possible for us to serve and bring cultural awareness to our community and our kids each year. Every donation amount is a gift, large or small. Thank you. Guanghua Appreciates it. 
We prepared a small token of appreciation for our donors. Please come to our office during school hour (2-4pm) to claim it this week. 
Donation List_GHCS/GPCCC'2018 (2018年捐款名单_光华中文学校/大费城华人文化中心)
Alina Lin (林艾玲)
Andrew Zhang (张昊中)
Ashley Jin (金濛濛)
Cao (曹毕明)
Bosheng Lin (林波生)
Eric Wang (王锐)
Fei Wan (万芬)
Feng Qiu (邱峰)
George G. Wang (王桂林)
Hannah Z. Zhang (张肇华)
Heng You (游恒)
Hongxia Fan (樊红霞)
Hongying Miao (苗洪毅)
Jake Qi (戚文杰)
James Y. Zhao (赵毅)
James Zhao
Jannifer H. Fan (樊惠君)
Jason Z. Zhang (张中琪)
Jenny Zhang (张辉)
Jorge Vazquez
Kevin K. Cui (崔昊)
Leanne Shen (沈妞妞)
Lihui Jin (金利慧)
Lingling Xue (薛玲玲)
Liya Ma (马李雅)
Luogang Wei (魏罗刚)
Lynn C. Lin (林潮英)
Ming Tang (唐明)
Qi Lin (林奇)
Sherry S. Xiao (萧莎)
Sherry Sha
Sophia T. Hu (胡童童)
Syndee Ho (黄思雨)
Wei Li (李炜)
Wei Yang (杨薇)
Weidong Zhou (周卫东)
Xiangcao Chen (陈香草)
Xiaodong Li (李晓东)
Xuqing Zhang (张旭清)
Yan Shi (施琰)
Yang Xu (徐杨)
Yanxia Jia (贾燕霞)
Yi Yang (杨毅)
Yixing Zhao (赵怡兴)
5. Upcoming Seminar
    1) Seminar:  College and You/大学和你讲座 
        Many times we have a hard time understanding where to go in life. As young adults and college graduates, many of them also have a hard time grasping the right career paths and purposes. In this seminar, we will take a personality test and discuss what makes a successful person and the best paths to take as a prospective college student. Join us for a seminar that helps you discover yourself and find the right path for your future.
   时间:12/19 Wednesday night 7:00pm
   地点:大费城华人文化中心 ,905 Lenmar Drive,Blue Bell, PA 19422
   free for parents and students
GHCS Management Team