Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) weekly newsletter

No.11, Nov 11, 2018
Weekly briefing: 
  1.  GHCS 2018 Fall Grade Level Speech Contest
  2.  Classroom change 
  3.  2019光华中文学校春节联欢会
  4.  GHCS 2018 Field Game result
  5.  Art Exhibition
  6.  Upcoming Seminars 
1. GHCS 2018 Grade Level Fall Speech Contest
    Last Sunday, We have organized our annual Speech contest (Class level). It was a huge success. We are so glad to see the 
progress of our students in Chinese public speech. Congratulations to all the participants.  This Sunday, we will hold 
grade level speech contest.  Please find the contest location/classroom info as follows. You can also visit  the link 
below for Contest Guidelines and Rating Form (You can also go to School Website under ‘News and Evens” section).
GROUP             Students          ClassrRoom #       Host Teachers
CES Group1      CES1A,1B,2        313                       Nina Zhang
                                                                                   w Grace Kang, Amanda Li
CES Group2      CES3,4, 6            319                        Wenyong Hutchison
                                                                                   w Yvonne Chen/Joy Hutchison
Kindergarten     KG                   104                       Yifeng Cheng(KGC)
G1                     G1                    101                       Rita Lao (G1B)
G2                     G2                    118                       Zhupin Xi (G2B)
G3                     G3                    343                       Lu Tian (G3B)
G4                     G4                    325                       Jianying Liu (G4B)
G5                     G5                    120                       Jing Wang (G5B)
G6                     G6                    324                       Ting Yang (G6A)
G7                     G7                    334                       Feng Joy (G7B)
G8                     G8                    342                       Dan Yang (G8B)
G9                     G9                    339                       Renwei Shi (G9B)
2. Classroom change for this week
    Math Olympiad by Xu, Ruifeng (4:00 - 4:50) will be at Classroom  #324, not #326 for this week only.
3.  2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排
      所有KG班;  一至八年级中文课B班;  所有双语CES班;  所有舞蹈班、声
      乐班、武术班;  欢迎九年级自愿参加。
    2)节目名单提交截止时间为12月2日。(联系信箱:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4.  GHCS 2018 Field Game day summary updated
     Our Group Champions of Field Game Day as follow;
     1st Place:  G3C, G4C,G2A
     2nd place:  G8C
     3nd place:  G6B
    Please come to our office to get the Group Champion Trophy. Winning class can take  
    pictures with the Group Champion Trophy. 
    Also, please return the trophy for other team Champions (拔河/ Tug-of-War, 障碍接力/Steeplechase Relay) to our office. 
    Winner of individual games should keep your medal. 
5.  Art Exhibition
    本周日下午1-3:30pm, 夏张涵将在Parkhouse大厅举办一个古书画展。夏张涵今年18岁,就读费城高中,对艺术十分感兴趣,特别是书画。为筹备本次展出,先后多次到北京故宫,台北故宫博物院、纽约大都会博物馆、费城艺术博物馆、美国国家画廊和其他的艺术博物馆进行实地收集,并通过网络查阅收集书画资料。历经两个月的时间,并对收藏进行了收集和分类。在本次展会上,他将和大家一起分享海内外的中华瑰宝和灿烂的中国文化。鼓励大家购买本次展览会的古书画复制品,一方面支持他对书画的热爱,也帮助光华中文学校筹款。倡导大家珍视中华传统文化,让文化在人与人之间流动起来,赋予其更多有意义的价值。
6. Upcoming seminars
   a.  Seminar of Statesman Debate Institute (SDI) and ACFL  Nov 11 @2pm room 344
   On Saturday, November 11, from 2 to 3 PM, Dr Arminio will speak about speech and debate in general and The American 
Classical Forensics League (ACFL) and SDI in particular at the Guang Hua Chinese School! He is very grateful for this 
opportunity and wants to meet all interested parents and students. Don’t miss his free seminar!
Of all the ways to raise up leaders, regardless of future profession, nothing compares to a well-run speech and debate 
league! The American Classical Forensics League (ACFL), for middle school and high school, is therefore of great 
importance and benefit to Chinese Heritage students. 
GHCS Management Team