Guanghua Chinese Association Weekly Newsletter for Sunday May 6 2018

Weekly Briefing:

  1. All the classes are open on May 6. Please come!!!!
  2. Result of the National Anthems Competition
  3. Field Game is postponed to May 13
  4. No School Day Service on May 15
  5. Certificates exchanging trophies starts
  6. Visa services: This Sunday Mandy Hu will be in 2:00-3:00pm at Room 317


1.  School is open on May 6 and the field game is postponed.

2. To our surprise, we were so touched by our students in all the classes who are able to sing both National Anthems so well. Thanks teachers, parents and especially our students for their enthusiasm, earnest, and taking it seriously. We will expect all our students will sing very loudly and very well at the ceremonies of the field game and the graduation. Here is the final result: (No 1 will receive $20, No2 $15 and No3 10 for their class allowance.)

第一组: 第一名: 一年级,第二名:学前班,第三名:二年级



3. Due the weather is not cooperative, we have to postpone our field game to May 13, 2018. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. The aim of the Field Game is for fun, sunshine & fresh air, team-work spirit
  2. Time: Sunday May 6, @1pm – 4:30pm
  3. Games: 拔河   / tug-of-war; 障碍接力  / steeplechase relay; 绑腿跑  / Three-legged race; 袋鼠跳   / kangaroo Jump
  4. Other activities   fund-raising activities including Bakery Sale
  5. Competition divided 7 groups

                   i.    Group 1: KGA, KGB, KGC and CES1+CES2
                   ii.    Group 2: G1A, G1B and G1C
                  iii.    Group 3: G2A, G2+CES3 and G2C
                  iv.    Group 4: G3A, G3B+CES5 and G3C
                  v.    Group 5 G4A, G4B, G5A and G5B
                  vi.    Group 6: G6A, G6C, and CES9
                  vii.    Group 7: G7A+G7B, G7C, G8A, and G8B


12:30      裁判/Volunteer到主席台签到/领取器材             

1:00  各班到指定地点集合            

1:15  各班按广播顺序入场,奏中美两国国歌。校长宣布运动会开始

1:30 比赛开始

2:30  中场休息(以广播宣布为准)各班家长可自由结合举行拔河比赛

3:00  比赛开始(以广播宣布为准)           

3:45  各班到指定地点集合(以广播宣布为准)                  

4:00  全校团体总分冠军、亚军和季军班级领奖杯,合影留念,

4:10     校长宣布运动会闭幕

4. If you are interested in No School Day Service on May 15, please contact Xianghong Zhang :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. The Graduation and Award Ceremony is on June 10. School will start to collect the certificates. If you have enough certificates to exchange trophies, please compile the certificates and put the child’s name, class, and phone number on a piece of paper, send it to the class teacher or deliver to the school office by May 13. Here is exchange rules:

1). Excelllent Student Trophy: if you have collected 5 (3 for KG, G1, G2) of award certificates, you may turn them into school to exchange a trophy. The award certificates include excellent student, full attendance, most progress, speech contest, Chinese cultural competition participation, Chinese characters spelling Bee.

2). Good Writer Trophy: if you collected 5 Little Writer certificates, you may turn them into school to exchange a trophy.

3). Community Service Trophy: if you collect 5 community service certificates, you may turn them into school to exchange a Trophy.

When you turn in the certificates, please indicate student’s current grade, Chinese name and English name.

 You may contact to Xianghong Zhang if you have questions.

6. Visa services: Mandy Hu will be in our school on May 6 @2:00-3:00pm at Room 317 for visa services.


GHCS Management Team