New Classes and New Teachers, 2020-2021

Liang, Xingzi


研究生毕业于美国明尼阿波利斯艺术与设计学院MCAD,专业为平面设计。曾任职于北京爱奇艺公司设计部门,负责视觉版面设计。曾参与明尼阿波利斯美術馆Carry On Homes Collaboration艺术项目的设计工作。梁老师的设计作品风格多变,设计经验丰富。对艺术教学有很高的热情。梁杏紫老师的个人网站如下:。欢迎大家上网查阅。


本课程以静物, 人物, 风景素描写生为主, 以提高学生写实造型能力为目的


课程内容为静物素描基础训练,使用铅笔和彩色铅笔等画具来描绘几何体,器皿,花卉,动物,水果蔬菜 食物等。




2D设计基础课程简介: 本课程内容为装饰性设计绘画,重点培养学生的图形创作能力。通过灵活运用点、线、面等造型元素对自然物象进行美化、概括、提炼、加工 。并通过装饰化的设计来表现对象的形式美感。课程中会结合讲解设计的基本理念,原则,结合学生兴趣点,借助2D设计来表现激发学生们对客观自然的再创造。提升学生的观察力,想象力和创造力。



Tana has studied ballet for 12 years at Metropolitan Ballet Academy and Company and is currently at a pre-professional level. She has participated in Chinese dance troupes at Guanghua as well as outside Guanghua since 2013 and has studied under teachers Vivian Lim, Jiao Li, and Lynn Zhou. Her credits include receiving multiple high honor, first place, and platinum awards at various dance competitions for both Chinese dance and ballet. 

Ballet/Strengthening Class

This is an introductory level class for young kids who are currently or hoping to perform classical (古典) Chinese dance ballet basics to provide a strong foundation and improve their dance capabilities, strengthen their feet, legs, core, and arms. Stretching will be taught every week and at-home stretches will be assigned to maximize flexibility. 


Xu, Jonathan


Jonathan is an expert level Chess player aiming at national master level with many major chess tournament winnings, which includes first place in the Liberty Bell Chess Tournament U1250 in Philadelphia at 10 years old, first place in the Cherry Blossom Classic U2100 in Virginia at 13 years old and so on. He enjoys to share my knowledge and experience on Chess with other people. 

Class: Chess

Zhang, Brittany


Brittany Zhang will be a sophomore at North Penn High School. She has been playing piano for 10 years. She participated in many high level competitions such as Rosalyn Tureck International Bach Competition, The World Piano Competition, Lansdowne as well as Warminster Symphony Orchestra Competition, etc. She also performed the Haydn Concerto with the string ensemble in concerts. In 2019, she got the distinction awards in both ABRSM Theory and Piano Performance exams. She has great knowledge and master deep concept in the piano theory. She has been praised by the piano teacher as a very talented, focused and hardworking young pianist who is always eager to take on new challenges. 

Brittany also plays saxophone and piano for the Jazz Ensemble at her school.  She has been a TA in teacher Siyu Huang’s chorus class in Guanghua Chinese School for three years. She helps Mrs. Huang to teach kids notes, rhythm, theory, and singing. She loves working with kids and all the kids love her. She is a straight A student in school and is very hardworking. She tries her best to accomplish everything.

Class: Music Theory and Aural Training Course

This Music Theory and Aural Training class will use ABRSM Music Theory and Aural Training Material to teach kids step-by-step on learning basic music notes, terms, and theory. Music theory is a written form of the basic concepts of music; it will help students understand music better. This class will help kids to prepare for ABRSM and PA piano theory tests from grades 1-5. This class will also teach kids Aural Training, which focuses on training one’s hearing towards music. Aural Training is a part of the ABRSM piano performance test. Music in general, including playing instruments will benefit kids’ brain development. Learning theory will help kids master the piano pieces accurately and help their sight-reading become faster, helping them achieve greatly in the performance and competition. Again, the classes will all be taught step-by-step so everything will be clear and easy to understand. There will also be interaction between the kids and teacher to help the students learn better. All grade students are welcome for either basic learning or preparing for the ABRSM or PA exam. 


Meng, Johnny

孟令玮老师, an excellent student at Pennfield Middle School with passion for music. Will teach “Key Beginngers” class at fall semester;

Johnny have been playing piano since 4 years old. 

  • ● performed for charity at JCC;
  • ● Finalist in the PBS Celebration of Music.
  • ● First place in the Elite Music Competition twice.
  • ● teaching keyboard at Guanghua since last year;

Also a saxophone and clarinet player.

  • ● One of the four clarinet players in the Philadelphia Sinfonia Players
  • ● Lead clarinet in the Pennfield Wind Ensemble - which had been chosen to play at PMEA in 2020
  • ● Lead alto saxophone in the Pennfield Jazz Band - which has been chosen to perform at PMEA three years in a row since 2018.
  • ● Soloist of the Night Award at the 2020 Upper Moreland Jazz Festival

Johnny has lots of experience in performing, and have learned music theory, solfeggio, and improvisation as well. 

Class: Key Beginners


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