New Teachers and New Classes, 2017-2018

Fundamentals of Java by Amy Ouyang : 1:00pm -1:50pm Spring Semester

Amy is a current junior at Methacton High School. In middle school, Amy learned C++ on her own which started her passion for Computer Science. From an Intro to Java course freshman year and taking AP Computer Science the next, Amy has continuously been involved with technology. She is a member of the school Robotics Team and a founder of the Girls Who Code (GWC) at her school. In Robotics, Amy has built sumo-bots designed for Vex robotics competitions and aided in Methacton hosting its own competition. For GWC, Amy visits Skyview Upper Elementary School to teach and inspire young girls to code as the implementation of science, technology, and engineering is an important part in educating the fostering generations. Furthermore, Amy is the IT lead in the Entrepreneurship Club. The club is participating in Launch X sponsored by MIT which aspires to create a real startup company. As the IT lead, Amy is responsible for the development of the website, app, and communications.

This Introduction to Java class aims to better prepare students for more advanced Java classes. In class, students will create basic programs from computing to input/output statements. Fun projects such as created mini-games will be throughout the course. The goal is to grasp a solid foundation through interactive lessons and programs.

Students will learn about:
- Java variables, data types, and operators
- control statements (ifs and while loops)
- object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, objects
- understanding the relationship between the code, files, and compiler
- the basics of graphics in Java and to program a simple game

Typical assignments and projects include using built-in and programmer-defined classes, performing basic input and output operations, and solving programming problems. The class will utilize free programs such as CodingBat and This class will readily prepare students to take more advanced courses.


Currently in middle school or older
Has taken an Algebra 1 class.
Has a laptop to bring in for every class.
**first class bring a laptop

Art Class by Ann An





Chinese Class and Art Class by Dan Yang 

Earned her masters in philosophy and aesthetics, as well as a bachelors in Figures Painting. She is the Associate Dean of Media Arts School at Chutian College, and previously an instructor and editor of CCTV Weihai studio. She has won several achievements and her paintings have been on display in galleries before. Involved in a number of films screened in theaters at China and abroad during my working in film editing, such as " Silver " (directed by Jianzhong Huang), " Eight hours " (Production of Xiaoxiang Film Studio), "Shaolin Kung Fu" (directed by Honghai Wang),    " Mountain silent " ( Production of Xi'an Film Studio) , "The World" ( directed by Zhangke Jia) and many others.

Tennis by Tiffany Zhong

Tiffany Zhong is a rising 10th grader at Germantown Academy. She has been playing tennis and regularly trained at Frog Hollow Tennis Club and Upper Dublin Sports Center for 9 years. She played First Singles for two years on the Middle School Varsity team and Third Singles as a freshman on the High School Varsity team at Germantown Academy. She competes at tournaments in Philadelphia District and Middle State Section. She is currently ranked #17 in Pennsylvania State in her age group, according to tennis recruiting network She has worked as a tennis teaching assistant at Guang Hua Chinese School last year so has gained extensive teaching experience. 

Tiffany's tennis class will offer young players a great opportunity to review and strengthen the basics of tennis and also improve their game. In her class, students will learn the fundamentals of tennis, improve hand-eye coordination and quick reactions to the tennis ball, practice the simple forehand and backhand ground strokes and how to hit the shots correctly. In every class students will start with some running and dynamic stretches to avoid injury, and then will do some drills to practice hitting the ball with good form. Finally students will implement the shots through some fun and engaging games on the courts, which makes tennis very enjoyable for all students. As the class progresses, if students successfully learn the forehand and backhand shots, other techniques, e.g., volleys, overheads, and serves will be taught to allow students to continue expanding their games. 

Tennis by Franklin She

Franklin She is a upcoming sophomore at Upper Dublin High School. In school tennis, he has had experience in both singles and doubles positions on varsity teams in middle and high school. Beyond his regular training at Frog Hollow Tennis Club, he has trained with national level players and coaches at both Randy Pate Tennis Academy and Van Der Meer Tennis Academy in South Carolina. Along with intense training, he has competed in USTA district and sectional tournaments throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has achieved a ranking of 12 in the Philadelphia District 14s age group and a ranking of 140 in the Middle States Section 16s age group and will continue competitive tennis.

This class will focus on reviewing basic shot mechanics, as well as more advanced footwork and swing techniques. Players will learn how to implement different types of spin in ground strokes and serves, and how to use topspin and slice effectively. He will also teach singles and doubles strategy, as well as shot selection and point structure. During class, players will warm up and do a consistency drill, aiming to get a higher score each week. Players also will play games and drills with the focus of playing out points and learning new strategies.

Soccer by Billy Wang

Billy Wang has been playing soccer for about 7 years now. He used to play on the Montgomery travel soccer team for 5 years but now only plays for his high school soccer team. He is in 10th grade and has already been the class assistant for the past year.

Billy's soccer class will offer young players a good opportunity for both girls and boys to strengthen their soccer skills and learn new aspects and techniques of the game. We will review basic skills and then immediately dive into small-sided games. By the end of the year, students will be proficient in their skills and as well as their competetiveness to win.

Volleyball by Michael Wang

Michael Wang is sophomore from North Penn High School.  He has been playing volleyball for over 8 years.   He joined North Penn high school's volleyball team in middle school.  Now he is a captain of the Junior varsity team and his team has won all of their games this season. He also plays on the varsity team of the school. 

This Volleyball class will be an exciting combination of developmental instruction of basic skills and fun teaching.  Students will learn fundamental skills such as passing, setting, serving and spiking, and also play non-competitive “mini” games.