Weekly Briefing:

  1. Open House Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 @ 1-4pm
  2. Class Change & Cancellation/课程变动和取消
  3. Registration and Tuition Payment,
  4. Text book purchase/教科书购买,
  5. Notice to TA(Teaching Assistants),
  6. New Classes and New Teachers,
  7. 京剧票订购,
  8. 文化中心活动,

Supplemental: 2019-2020 School Calendar;

Supplemental: 2019-2020 Courses/Classes


1. Open House Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 @ 1-4pm, Welcome back to school! Our New School Year will start this coming Sunday, Sept 8th. Please check our school website to find out updated info of your class time and classroom before you come to the school. All the Guanghua team members will be at the atrium, Parkhouse Hall, MCCC to welcome you and answer your questions. Our information desks include; • Information Desk: any questions related to our school, classes and classrooms; • Welcome Freshmen Desk: New students (CES1A/CES1B, KGA/KGB/KGC, G1D) will receive a booklet of the School Guide for Freshmen, Guanghua T-shirt, Guanghua pencils, and other small gifts. (T-shirts should be picked up by class parent representatives, not individuals.) • Tuition Drop-off Desk: If you would like to pay tuition by check, please write a check payable to GHCS with your family ID on the note section. • Textbook Desk: o New Students of CES1A/CES1B, KGA/KGB/KGC should select a parent representative to come to the DESK to pick up the textbooks with the payment. o If you ordered textbook online, please come to pick your order with your payment.
2. Class change & Cancellation, a. Fundamentals of Programming 1-2pm (by Sam Xu) was cancelled, due to teacher’s relocation; b. Pokeman Battling 4-5pm(by Sam Xu) was cancelled due to teacher’s relocation; c. Tennis 4-5pm (by Tiffany Zhong) was cancelled due to low enrollment; d. KGC has been renamed KGB, will be in classroom 339; e. Public speech and Debate class has been cancelled, due to low enrollment; f. CES7 has been cancelled, due to low enrollment; g. Change of Table Tennis club(乒乓球俱乐部); 自2019年9月8日始,至下个学年开学的前一天,原本每周四、周六在文化中心三楼举 办的乒乓球俱乐部活动,改为每周三天开放(法定节假日除外),即周四、周六19:00 至22:00开放,周五20:00至22:30开放。收费仅为$100/人/年,俱乐部开放时间内可以无
Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) Weekly Newsletter No. 3, September 8, 2019
限次参加。不交年费的球友,仍可以采取每次交$5/人的方式参加活动。新的时间表给 喜欢这项群众体育活动的爱好者们提供了更大的方便。欢迎各位球友积极加入!

3. Registration and Tuition Payment, a) Registration: You can switch classes and drop classes freely in the first two weeks. For those who haven’t registered yet, please go to our website to register ASAP. b) If the class is FULL, please find the alternative class to register. In principal, neither teacher or any team member could add extra students to the FULL class. Thank you for your cooperation. c) Tuition payment: Only two weeks left for your tuition payment. You may use paypal online to pay it now or drop your check on Sunday. Tuition payment must be paid by the second week. After that, $10 penalty will start from Sep 22. d) Switching & Dropping Classes: After Sep 22, if you drop or switch class, there will be $10 charge per week. No switching is allowed after Sep 30 without permission. No refund after 5th week of the semester. e) Refund policy: All the refund requests must be processed online. Procedure: i) Remove your class you have registered online ii) "Request a refund" at the top left of the menu iii) Full refund will be given if your request is made within the first two weeks of each semester. Otherwise, $30 will be deducted for the 3rd week and $40 for the fourth week. No refund will be issued after the fifth week.

4. Text book purchase/教科书购买, 时间:9月8日,星期天,1:30-3:30pm 地点:光华中文学校大厅 “马立平” 学前班,每套 $43美元; 一到九年级每套 $ 50美元。 美洲华语 每套 $20 美元。 朗朗中文 每套 $55美元。
Purchasing Chinese text books on campus Time: Sept 8, tunday, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Location: lobby at the School building MaliPing textbook: preschool, $43/set Grade 1 to Grade 9, $50/set Meizhou textbook: For all grades, $20/set LangLang textbook: For all grade, $55/set ` Please come to our textbook desk at the lobby to purchase your textbook.

5. Notice to TA(Teaching Assistants), a. All TAs(existing and new) must check in at front desk before you go to your class on Sept 8th; for 12-3pm class, please check in at the front desk on first floor. for 4pm class, you could check in at school office from 2PM to 4PM. b. All TAs must follow the TA Code of Conduct (handout will be given out during check-in);

6. New Classes and New Teachers, a. Calligraphy Club by Yan Tang/Rufei Tang/书法俱乐部 Time: 1 - 1:50pm Classroom : #339 唐如非,2014 年开始学习书法,包括楷书、隶书、行书。师从欧陆经典书法协会会长 周正泉老师,目前已获得中国美术学院颁发的社会艺术水平考级软笔书法 9 级证书。 曾获全国首届中华好书法中小学师生书法大赛入展奖,作品收入到大赛作品集中; 愿意和大家一起练习中国书法,弘扬中国文化。

b. Recitation Club 光华朗诵俱乐部 Teacher: Zhang Honggang(张红钢老师) Time: 4 - 4: 50pm 张红钢, 毕业于北京师范学院中文系,主任编辑。历任重庆北碚电视台主持人、记 者、编导、新闻中心副主任、总编室主任、办公室主任。从事新闻工作 30余年。在北 碚电视台,先后组织创办了具有全市影响力的《法庭内外》、《家住北碚》,《新闻 视线》等品牌栏目。并在 20余个电视栏目中担任主持人。多部主持作品获市级以上奖 项。在此期间,担任全区重大活动的主持达 200余场。 近年来,发挥自身优势,致力 于青少年的播音主持、普通话推广工作。曾授聘担任西南大学播音主持专业客座教 授,培养了大量播音主持人才。这其中,有不少学生在全国、全市专业比赛中获奖。 张老师将担任 Poetry Recitation(1-2pm); G3A(2-4pm) ;光华朗诵俱乐部(Recitation Club, 4-5pm)的老师.

7. 京剧票订购; 费城京剧社隆重推出著名京剧传统戏《白蛇传》专场 一场精彩纷呈的国粹盛宴,一场2019年大费城地区唯一的京剧演出,有中英文字幕,$15 一张票,买两张票,送一张票,老年人$10一张票,请带上您的父母,孩子,一起来欣赏 中华国粹 演出时间:10月12日下午2:00 演出地点:Auditorium in Upper Merion Area Middle School, 450 Keebler Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406 订票链接:https://forms.gle/8zpMFHiw4usnGDf99 订票联系人:张向红 (2159083619)

8. 文化中心活动; 文化中心邀您共渡中秋 传统的中秋佳节到来之季,大费城华人文化中心邀请您及家人共渡中秋佳节。本次活动项 目丰富多彩, 有月饼品尝、共赏明月、卡拉OK、跳舞、打牌、打乒乓、打麻将、聊天儿 等等。欢迎大家踊跃参加。 时间: 7:00pm-10:00pm,Saturday, 9/14/2019 地点: 文化中心905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422. Fee: free/member, $5/non-member, $10/Family, free/senior(65+) *Fruits, Moon cake and Water will be provided. 报名联接:https://goo.gl/forms/iYeAjteiWhfTTJV23



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