Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) weekly newsletter No.17, Jan 06, 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome back. Our school will resume normal schedule starting this Sunday (Jan 06).  We are looking 
forward to a great 2019 for everyone. 
Weekly briefing: 
1.  Audition of the Chinese Gala programs;
2.  2019 Chinese New Year Gala / 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排 ;
3.  Sponsorship application for the 2019  Chinese New Year Gala/征求2019光华春晚赞助商;
4.  Pre-sale of Dinner ticket and pizza ticket/预售春晚晚餐卷和Pizza票;
5.  Class withdrawal & refund for the spring semester;
6.  Activities at GPCCC/大费城文化中心活动;
7.  Election Announcement of Guanghua Chinese Association Council;
8.  Teacher appreciation and Donation Acknowledgment;  
1.  Audition of the Chinese Gala programs
    Audition of the Chinese Gala programs will be held at the hallway of Parkhouse building from 1:30pm to 4:20pm on Jan 6th. 
 Participating classes should only come down for audition 5min earlier than the designated time. Audition for a specific 
program will only last 2-5minutes and should not significantly affect the regular class arrangement. 
2.  2019 Chinese New Year Gala / 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排 
    Our traditional Chinese New Year Gala of Guanghua Chinese School will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2019. Our students 
and parents are busy practicing and preparing for this event. We are looking forward to another wonderful performance 
    During gala performance, we will also hold awards ceremony for retired Guanghua management team members to appreciate 
their dedication and devotion for our school and GPCCC.  We will also award teachers for their 5-year, 10-year, 15-year 
and 20-year service at our school. Trophies for grade level Speech contest winners will also be given out during this 
event. Let’s celebrate together.
    Time:  Sunday, January 27/2019
    Address:  800 Loch Alsh Ave, Fort Washington, PA 19034
                  Upper Dublin High School Performing Art Center
3.  Sponsorship application for the 2019  Chinese New Year Gala / 征求光华春晚赞助商
    On the 27th January 2019, GHCA will present one of the best celebration events - the 2019 Chinese New Year Gala. As a 
sponsor, you will receive widespread publicity through the printing of your advertisement in the gala program. Also, you 
are invited to attend our traditional Gala and the invitation will be sent out shortly.
        Full‐page advertisement in the event program. Sponsor will be invited to the Appreciation Dinner Party. Your 
        company/organization’s logo will be posted on our website.
        Full‐page advertisement in the event program. Sponsor will be invited to the Appreciation Dinner Party.
        Full‐page advertisement in the event program
        Half‐page advertisement in the event program.
   Please see attached Sponsorship brochure for detailed info.
4.  Pre-sale of dinner ticket and pizza ticket / 预售春晚晚餐卷和Pizza票
5.  Class withdrawal & refund for the 2nd semester / 取消课程及退款
    Spring Semester will kick in from Feb 03/2019. Class withdrawal for the 2nd semester can be applied online now. Requested 
refund will be processed starting from Feb 17th(3rd week of the 2nd semester).
6.  Activities at GPCCC/大费城文化中心活动
    地点:大费城华人文化中心 ,905 Lenmar Drive,Blue Bell, PA 19422
    1)  红楼清谈俱乐部活动
        时间: 2019年1月5日上午10点
        沈老师 讲座主题:“香菱作诗”
    2)  美好生活花艺社插花系列讲座--冬之恋
        时间:January 12 Saturday @1: 00 pm
        Fee:Member $10/Nonmember $20
7.  Election Announcement of Guanghua Chinese Association Council
    The Guanghua Chinese Association was granted an operational license from the Pennsylvania State Government on May 3, 
2004. Guanghua Chinese School and the Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center are affiliated to the Guanghua Chinese 
Association. Initially, the Guanghua Chinese Association Council and the school management team were independent 
organizations. To improve efficiency based on the fact that the association was small at the beginning phase, the Council 
and the management team merged and were collectively referred to as the Guanghua Leadership Team. Over the years, the 
school leadership team has worked actively and made a solid contribution to the development of Guanghua Chinese School 
and the Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center. Now, there are about 1500 students/parents registered for our 
Chinese language/cultural/sports classes at our school. To adapt to the fast development of Guanghua Chinese Association, 
our leadership team believes that the establishment of the Guanghua Chinese Association Council is imperative for the 
future of our school and our center. 
    According to the bylaw of the Guanghua Chinese Association, a council election will be held in February 2019 to establish 
the Guanghua Chinese Association Council, including the chairman and two to four council members. An election working 
committee will be responsible for organizing the election. We invite nomination and self-nomination for the chairman and 
the council members. Members of the Guanghua family who are interested in serving Guanghua Chinese are welcome to 
participate. Please come to our school office to obtain the application form of the Chairman Candidates of the Council of 
Guanghua Chinese Association or the application form of the council member of the Council of Guanghua Chinese 
    光华华人协会(Guanghua Chinese Association)于2004年5月3日获得宾夕法尼亚州政府颁发的执照。光华中文学校和大费城华人文化中心都隶属于光华华人协会。光华华人协会成立初期,理事
    Please see attached brochure for detailed info./详情请参见附件
8.  Teacher appreciation and Donation Acknowledgment  
    Before Christmas, We have prepared some small gifts for our hard-working teachers.  Some of them have already received 
it. If you have not received it yet, please come to our office to claim it.   
We have also prepared a small token of appreciation for our donors. Please come to our office during school hour (2-4pm) 
to claim it. 
GHCS Management Team