Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) weekly newsletter
No.10, Nov 4, 2018
Weekly briefing: 
   1. GHCS 2018 Fall Speech Contest
   2. GHCS 2018 Field Game day summary updated
   3. 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会
   4. Registration for President’s Volunteer Service Award
   5. Donation update 
   6. Upcoming Seminars 
1. GHCS 2018 Fall Speech Contest
    We will have our annual Speech contest on this Sunday 11/4/2018 at class level and next Sunday on 11/11 at grade level.  We request all CES classes and Chinese Classes to participate in.  Please go to the link below for Contest Guidelines and Rating Form (You can also go to School Website under ‘News and Evens” section).
A detailed email will be sent to all teachers this week.  Get Ready!
    GHCS 2018 演讲比赛: 又到了我们一年一度演讲比赛的时间了,这是我们学习中文收获的时间,我们总是欣喜地看到,听到我们的孩子们用中文表达着各种各样的主题。 今年班级比赛时间是11/4, 年级比赛时间是11/11。 具体比赛规则我们会给老师们发邮件,也会放到学校网站上。请老师们注意查收这个周末的邮件提前安排。每个班级必须参加。
2. GHCS 2018 Field Game day summary updated
After adding the result of bakery sale competition, we got updated list of our Group Champions of Field Game Day as follow;
    1st Place:  G3C, G4C,G2A
    2nd place:  G8C
    3nd place:  G6B
Please come to our office to get the Group Champion Trophy. Winning class can take  
pictures with the Group Champion Trophy. 
Also, please return the trophy for other team Champions (拔河/ Tug-of-War, 障碍接力/Steeplechase Relay) to our office. Winner of individual games should keep your medal. 
3. 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排
   1)参加班级: 所有KG班;  一至八年级中文课B班;  所有双语CES班;  
                       所有舞蹈班、声乐班、武术班;  欢迎九年级自愿参加。
   2)节目名单提交截止时间为12月2日。(联系信箱:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4.  Registration for President’s Volunteer Service Award
    统义工服务奖设于2003年,是美国总统授权颁发的民事奖项,由国家和社区服务公司和光明基金会主办,旨在奖励全美为所在社区作出杰出贡献的志愿者。光华中文学校享有总统义工服务奖认证殊荣,凡是为本校或代表本校参与社区活动的义务工作者均有资格申请总统义工服务奖,光华联系人是:  樊红霞老师
5.  Donation update
     We would like to thank the following families/individuals for their generous donation   
        James Yi Zhao     Graduated
       Jenny Hui Zhang   Graduated
6.  Upcoming Seminars
     a. Seminar about the Finalcial Aids FAFSA. Nov 4th @2pm room 344
       11月4日,下午2-4点,光华中文学校Seminar:如何填写 Financial Aid FAFSA 
       What is the FAFSA? When do I apply for the FAFSA? What does the FAFSA have to do with financial aid? What documents do I need to file the FAFSA? Do I need to submit the FAFSA every year?  What do I do if my (or parent’) income changes? Should I file for the FAFSA even if I don’t think I’ll qualify for financial aid? How much financial aid I can get? What is the FAFSA deadline for fall 2019? 
     b.  Seminar of Statesman Debate Institute (SDI) and ACFL  Nov 11 @2pm room 344
        On Saturday, November 11, from 2 to 3 PM, Dr Arminio will speak about speech and debate in general and The American Classical Forensics League (ACFL) and SDI in particular at the Guang Hua Chinese School! He is very grateful for this opportunity and wants to meet all interested parents and students. Don’t miss his free seminar!
       Of all the ways to raise up leaders, regardless of future profession, nothing compares to a well-run speech and debate league! The American Classical Forensics League (ACFL), for middle school and high school, is therefore of great importance and benefit to Chinese Heritage students. 
GHCS Management Team