Weekly briefing: 

1.       Complain from MCCC
2.       Classroom Change
3.       New Class and Class cancellation
4.       Tuition payment overdue
5.       Info of Field Game Day: (Sunday, October 21)
6.       Additional Textbook Ordering
7.       &nb sp;    Activities at the Cultural Center 
8.       美容化装课 by Annie Lee
9.       Peking Opera HIghtlights Gala/费城京剧社成立二十周年专场
10.     Seminar: 

  • How to get into the top colleges by Jen Zhao (Sunday, Sep 30)                    
  • Computer Science Education for Young Students (Sunday, Oct 7)
  • High School Math Tests and Computational Math (Sunday, Oct 21)        


 1.     Complain from MCCC

School has received a complaint from MCCC that table/chairs had been moved out from several classrooms on Sept 16 and tables & chairs were stacked upon each other. Furniture must not be removed from classrooms and, to prevent injury, furniture must not be stacked. If furniture is moved out of the way inside a room, the tables and chairs must be moved back into the position in which they were found when entering the room.

Teachers and Parent Representatives must check before leaving the classrooms. Thanks for your corporation.

2.       Classroom changes

1)      Performing Arts by Qi Hong Lao Shi moves to Room 119

2)      Chen Style Taiji and Taiji Sword by Diana Zou moves to Room 119

3)      Children Gong Fu by Zhao Zhicheng moves to Room 119

4)      GIC by Teacher Lu Yi will move to Room 121.

3.       Class cancellation:

  • Processional Photographer Yaohu Li will open a Photography 201 (Adv) at the cultural center every second Monday each month. The first class is on Oct 8. Please register online at your earliest convenience. The number of the seats is limited.
  • Wei Qi class has been canceled due to low enrollment  

 4.       Tuition payment overdue:

a) There are still families not pay full tuition by today. Since we scheduled the field game last week, school postponed the deadline for the tuition submission. Please pay your tuition ASAP.  Otherwise, a penalty will be imposed to your account.

b) If you have already paid your tuition in full and still receive a message from school for tuition payment, please let school know with any proof of the payment.

c) Refund policy: All the refund requests must be processed online. Procedure as follows:

d) Remove your class you have registered online ii) "Request a refund" at the top left of the menu iii) Full refund will be given if your request is made within the first two weeks of each semester. Otherwise, $30 will be deducted for the 3rd week and $40 for the fourth week. No refund will be issued after the fifth week.

5.    Info of Field Game Day: (Sunday, Oct 21)  

Due to the un-predicted weather change on September 23, we had to cancel our long planned field game day. The new tentative day for our field game is October 21(Sunday). We plan to use the large gym in the PE Center of MCCC as the site for our field game if it is raining day, so that the weather should not be a problem anymore. We will confirm with MCCC manager for that. Detailed info will come out next week. To be tuned.  请各班保护好学校提供的入场牌,以备10月21日使用。

6.       Additional Textbook Ordering

If you need to purchase textbook for your children, please come to our office at room #345 to purchase. Mrs. Luan Weiqing will be there from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

Ma Liping textbooks:  pre-K: $43/set; grade 1 to 9:  $50/set

Langlang:  all grade $55/set.

Mei Zhou Hua Yu: all grade $20/set

如果您的孩子需要买 "中文" 书 ,  请到学校办公室 #345 来购买。  时间2:00-4:00pm

马力平" 学前班每套 $ 43 美元。 一年级---九年级每套$50美元。

《美洲华语》 每套 $ 20 美元。

《朗朗中文》 每套 $ 55美元。

 7.       Activities at the Cultural Center 905 Lenmar Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422

  • Wednesday Oct 1, --Stucco for Home Owners Seminar (2): Real Estate Inspections Seminar by Professional Stucco Inspector

       When: 7:00 - 9:00pm, 10/1/2018

       Where: GPCCC 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell PA 19422

       Fee: Member Free, Non-member $5.

       Seminar coordinator: Peter Fang, Realtor RE/MAX Plus, (215)-260-9168

       Refreshment will be provided by inspector, please sign up https://goo.gl/forms/onxH9vjGwNjMJwSg1

  • Saturday Oct 6, 7:00pm --文化中心根据大家的要求,再次邀请了罗丹国际艺术家基金会,美国女神艺术博物馆办公室主任陈小元女士来文化中心示范并传授裱画的基本技巧,机不可失!欢迎大家踊跃参加。时间: Saturday, Oct 6 @7:00pm/地点: 文化中心 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422/Fee: Member $5/Nonmember $15       Sign up https://goo.gl/forms/1KGT9R7JCZIBqXCn2
  • Saturday Oct 6, from 10:00am to 1:00pm --“One man's trash is another man's treasure”。光华文化中心十月六日周六上午将举办2018第一届室外跳蚤市场。

       地点:大费城文化中心 905 Lenmar Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422*


       *下雨的话,我们就在文化中心里摆摊。Please sign up https://goo.gl/forms/7C7amdMQA7Yfzk0n2

8.       美容化妆讲座: Annie Lee——在香港有10年美容化妆经验;曾在香港的法国叶露芝当美容师和美容顾问;曾在纤体中心当顾问;在大型连锁店当美容顾问(销售护肤品,化妆品,名牌香水,训练新人,解答客人疑难等);来美11年,在美期间,曾做过新娘化妆,讲座導师,私人和群组授課化妆。           






地点:光华中文学校 Room 112, Parkhouse Hall     340 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422




 9.       Peking Opera HIghtlights Gala/费城京剧社成立二十周年京剧彩唱与折子戏专场

 演出时间 Date/Time Sat. Nov. 10, 2018, 2 PM

演出地点 Location   Auditorium in Upper Merion Area Middle School, 450 Keebler Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Fee for Guanghua families: 1 ticket $10/2 tickets $20+1 free ticket

买一张票: $10 (买二送一)

购票地点:Sunday at the school office 345. Or at the Cultural Center Monday-Friday: 3:30pm-6:00pm. Please call 215-740-1897 if you have any questions. 

10.   Seminars

a. How to get into the top colleges by Jen Zhao on this Sunday Sep 30 at Room 344, @2:00-4:00pm To meet more parents’ requirement, Jen Zhao will offer another seminar on Sep 30. It will be free.  

This seminar will focus on how the student can create their competitive edge by strategically customizing their high school careers, both academically and extracurricular-wise. Jen will also discuss the college application process and how the student can package their attributes and accomplishments through the essays, resume and interviews in order to stand out among  the peers. The seminar is led by Jennifer, who graduated from UPenn's Wharton School and has worked on Wall Street in NYC for more than six years.

b. Computer Science Education for Young Students, Sunday, Oct 7 at Room 344, @2:00-4:00pm

Topic--Tween and Teen: The Golden Ages of CS Education

  • The advantages of young students in learning programming
  • The opportunities for high school students with CS education 讲座:“青少年是学习计算机科学(CS)的黄金年代”by 翰松博士

c. High School Math Tests and Computational Math on Oct 21 @2:00 Room 344

Intro various math tests in high school and math competitions in middle & high school

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