Weekly Briefing:

1.  Poster Contest Final Result

2.  New Changes for the 2018-2019 school year registration

3.  Field Game on May 5 if the weather is cooperative

4.  Certificates exchanging trophies starts

5.  New Summer Program at Cultural Center

6.  Poetry Recitation audition on April 22

7.  Activities at GPCCC

8.  News from Accel, discount for Guanghua has extended  

9.  Visa services: This Sunday US International will be in 3:00-4:00pm at Room 317

10. Seminar "How to create a successful financial future" by Stephanie Yang on April 22 Syncis Insurance Solutions

11. Announcement: International Spring Festival at North Penn High School on Saturday 11-5pm 


 1. 我校一年一度的壁报比赛于4/15 如期举行。 全校30个班级共450 名学生参加了比赛, 占注册学生人数的 百分之九十五。 我们欣喜地看到我们学生的壁报真的是一年更比一年好 !今年壁报比赛共计54位评委参与了评分, 评委们给的分数也越来越难分上下 。今年壁报最突出的特色是壁报主题更加多样化, 主题贴近生活, 鼓励了孩子们对生活的观察能力。 在此学校管理团队感谢所有老师, 学生, 家长和各位评委的辛苦付出。

所有壁报都会在下周在陈列一次, 欢迎大家继续观看。 也请各位老师或家长代表周日2-4 点在办公室领取壁报比赛奖金(所有参与的班级都有奖金)。


第一名:CES1  CES2    CES3    CES5    CES9  G1B     KGA     G3C     G5A     G5B    G7C

第二名:KGB    G1A     G2C     G2A    G6A    G4A     G9A

第三名:KGC    G1C     G2B     G3A     G3B   G4B     G6C   G7B  G8A  G8B   G9B     G7A

2. The EARLY Registration for next school year will start next Sunday April 29. Some changes:

  • No priority early registration: all the students will start register on April 29. If students would like to stay the current classes, you must register online sooner before the classes slots are taken.
  • Early registration is ended by June 10, the last day of this school year. Before June 10, all the students will waive $10 registration fee. After the deadline, either new students or current students must pay the registration fee.
  • There are a few new classes and new teachers. Also, according our survey, school will open Chinese classes will open at the Cultural Center Friday nights and Saturday morning next school year if there are enough registration. All the information will be sent in a separated email.

3. The field game is on May 5, 2018 if the weather is cooperative. School management team has started to recruiting volunteers. If you are available, please go to the school office to sign up with Jun Ma. Thanks.

4. The Graduation and Award Ceremony is on June 10. School will start to collect the certificates. If you have enough certificates to exchange trophies, please compile the certificates and put the child’s name, class, and phone number on a piece of paper, send it to the class teacher or deliver to the school office by May 13.

5. NEW Summer program hosted by Guanghua Chinese School - SAT Prep class for younger students. This program will last two weeks. The date will be Aug 6 - Aug 17. The time will be 9am- 4pm. Cost is $750. The following is the class introduction.

《Introduction to SAT》is designed for students between 5-7th grade who are eager learners aiming to apply for challenging programs such as Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) in the near future. In this class, students will learn strategies to take the SAT as a non-high school student, enhance skills for both math and English. The goal is to increase the student’s interest in learning, strengthen their test-taking skills, and maximize their chances of getting the best score on the SAT. Come join us for an enriching and fun summer camp!  you may email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration.

6. 诗歌朗诵班招生考试(Poetry Recitation audition)将于4月22日下午4点在345教室举行。报名资格:2018-2019秋季入学的5年级 - 9年级在学学生。报名请联系郭荔文老师,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,报名截止日期4月20日。课程简介:诗歌朗诵班以寓教于乐为宗旨,通过绕口令,诗朗诵,播音主持,相声小品,讲故事等文艺形式训练学生的中文语言能力和综合表现能力。

7. Activities at the Cultural Center, 905 Lenmar Dr, Blue Bell, PA 19422

  • Friday April 13 7:00pm Guang Hua Chess Club
  •  小食品订单,本周日1:00pm—4:30pm(4月22日)在光华中文学校大厅取货!(周五截单,请大家抓紧时间预订 https://goo.gl/forms/rmw6IDYekUjarfes2
  •  Family Fun Night 文化中心将于本月底星期六, 04/28/18 举办每月一次的Family Fun Night活动。活动项目丰富多彩, 有卡拉OK、跳舞、打牌、打乒乓、打麻将、聊天儿等等。欢迎大家踊跃参加。

时间: 7:00pm-10:00pm,Saturday, 4/28/2018

地点: 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell,  Pa 19422.

Fee: free/member, $5[Nuh-uh]n-member, $10/Family excluding children who need babysitting, free/senior(65+)

Onsite babysitting will be provided for children 2-10 for $5/child

Water will be provided. 请大家参加的朋友位点击下面的联接填表登记:


  •  裱画演示4月25日周三晚7:00pm 文化中心邀请了罗丹国际艺术家基金会,美国女神艺术博物馆办公室主任陈小元女士来文化中心示范并传授裱画的基本技巧,机不可失!欢迎大家踊跃参加。

时间: Wednesday,April 25, @7:00pm

地点: 文化中心 905 Lenmar Drive, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Fee: Member $10/Nonmember $15

Sign Up: https://goo.gl/forms/GCS5YGqAPMoM6MXl2

8. Great news. Congratulations, Frederick Qiu for 1600 perfect score for SAT Test who did took the Accel Prep SAT class last year.

Accel has extended a favorite rate of their Summer program to our Guanghua students.  GHCS families ONLY receive 10% off Early registration and 10% off Special Discount. If you are interested, please come to the school office Room 345 ask Xianghong Zhang for registration. Also, a staff from Accel will be at our Cultural Center on every Tuesday night between 7-9pm to consult. If you have any questions, so stop by.

Semester 1: 6/20-7/18

Semester 2: 7/23-8/17

Free Testing & Essay Classes :  8/20-8/24

Advertisement from Accel: Looking for part time administrative assistant. On Sunday 1-4pm at GuangHua school. Training provided. Must be fluent in Chines and English. Call 215-635-5780.

9. Visa services: US International will be in our school on April 15@3:00-4:00pm at Room 317 for visa services.

10. The International Spring Festival celebrates cultural diversity in the North Penn community through food, family fun and the performing arts on Saturday 11am -5:00pm at North Penn High School. Please join us to celebrate!

11.   Seminar. "How to create a successful financial future" by Stephanie Yang, Syncis    Insurance Solutions.  The company helps families attain financial protection and prepares for the future and they emphasize a personalized approach to help families to make informed financial decisions. April 22 @2:00 Room 344.

GHCS Management Team