Guanghua Chinese Association (GHCA) weekly newsletter No.20, Jan 27, 2019

Weekly briefing: 
1.  2019 Chinese New Year Gala / 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排 ;
2.  Notice to New Year Gala attendants/春晚相关通知;
3.  Rules for New Year Chinese Gala/春晚注意事项;
4.  Class withdrawal & refund for the spring semester;
5.  Classroom Change of G8A & CES1A;
6.  Summer program open house (Feb 03);
7.  Upcoming Seminars
1.  2019 Chinese New Year Gala / 2019光华中文学校春节联欢会安排 
Our traditional Chinese New Year Gala of Guanghua Chinese School will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2019. We will also award teachers for their 5-year, 10-year, 15-year and 20-year service at our school. Trophies for grade level Speech contest winners will also be given out during this event. Let’s celebrate together.
Time:      Sunday, January 27/2019 2-5pm
Address: 800 Loch Alsh Ave, Fort Washington, PA 19034
               Upper Dublin High School Performing Art Center
2.  Notice to New Year Gala attendants/春晚相关通知
    •  请获奖人员,包括退休学校管理人员,服务5年,10年,15年的老师,以及年级演讲比赛获奖者入坐前几排保留位置。若因故不能前来的请提前通知学校,或请人代领;
    •  请报名志愿者的按时找具体项目负责人报道。
3.  Rules for New Year Chinese Gala/春晚注意事项
    For public safety, please follow the rules as follows/为了公众安全,请遵守以下规则
   1)  Water only in the Auditorium;
   2)  Water only in the Black Box Theatre;
   3)  Other beverages and foods, including candy and treats, may be consumed in the corridors and lobby;
   4)  Children may not sit on the stairs or railings leading to the stage. 
   5)  Aisles must be kept clear.  Strollers may be let in the lobby area. 
   6)  Children must be supervised at all times at the back stage; no climbing on the ladder or playing near the fly system. 
   7)  Please do not touch items on a teacher's desk, files or cart.  Anything covered is "off limits." 
   8)  Please do not move any tables, chairs, stools, benches or music stands from the Black Box Theatre or other classroom onto the stage.
4.  Class withdrawal & refund for the 2nd semester / 取消课程及退款
    Spring Semester will kick in from Feb 03/2019. Class withdrawal for the 2nd semester can be applied online now. Requested refund will be processed starting from Feb 17th(3rd week of the 2nd semester).
5.  Classroom Change of G8A & CES1A
    Starting from 3rd Feb 2019, CES1A will take class at classroom #328; G8A will take class at classroom #317. 请相关同学和家长注意。自2月3日起,G8A班的教室换到#317教室;CES1A的教室换到#328教室。请相互转告
6.  Summer program open house (Feb 03)
    Guanghua Summer Program open house will be held at auditorium of Parkhouse Hall on Feb 3rd. 
    •  GHCS summer program sign up at 1:30 pm-4:30pm.
     a)  June 24 - Aug 23 for 9 weeks
     b)  Theme program each week
     c)  Professional teachers from China and local
     d)  Starting 8:00 M-F, and extended hours available after 4:00pm
     e)  Registration starts next Sunday, Feb 3rd, 
     f)  Multiple discounts are applicable: Promotion discount, Early bird discount, sibling discount, GPCCC member discount, returning camper discount, and register on site on Feb 3.
     •  Guanghua Summer Program - SAT Prep Course
      The SAT Prep course aims to the students who would like to get familiar with SAT test and will take the test for the requirement of some selective summer programs, like CTY in John Hopkins. This group of students is usually ranged from 6th grade - 9th grade. The goal for this prep course is to let students get familiar with SAT test format and type of problems. This course also can give students an opportunity to learn/review basic concepts for their use in their school academy work. In order to have flexibility of available time, two sessions are offered. Both sessions have the same contents. Welcome to join either one. 
      Session I June 17 – June 28
      Session II Aug 5 – Aug 16
      You may register on line through this link:
      You will get the promotion discount (on open house day) if you register at the site on Feb 3rd. You may contact Xianghong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have any questions. See you at the open house.
7.  Upcoming Seminars
    1)  泛宇金融的沈杰瑞财务规划系列讲座:美国寿险之 生前福利
        讲座人: 沈颉瑞 Jerry Shen 先生,美国管理科学硕士,资深财税策略顾问,美国宾东财富咨询公司总裁,美国泛宇集团地区总监。 自2007年起以专业的财富规划理念,融合地产、贷款、保险、投资、避税、传承等方案,为全球华人提供美国资产配置,免税退休,教育金储备,CRS风险管理,以及家族传承等综合规划服务。
随着美国寿险概念的日益普及,人们对其认知已经不再局限于传统的身故理赔上了。可是当我们提起寿险中的生前福利功能,消费者往往还是概念模糊,无法区别市面上名目繁多的选择。1) 到底什么是生前福利?2)  什么人需要生前福利? 3) 大病重疾,慢性疾病,重大伤害,长期护理,这些附加险的概念该如何区分?4) 寿险中的生前福利有哪些给付方式?5) 哪一些公司的生前福利更具有优势?如果以上的问题也是您的疑惑,那么欢迎您加入我们2月3日下午2:00-4:00的公开课, 敬请期待泛宇集团地区总监 沈颉瑞先生为大家详细解析。
时间:Sunday,February 3rd  2:00 – 4:00pm
地点: Room 344
    2)  College Prep Seminar by Ivy Experience
        An enlightening event with information about navigating the college prep and application processes. Topics include: 
       ● What is the SAT? What is the ACT?    ● What is the new SAT? How is it different? 
       ● When should I take the SAT and/or ACT?   ● How are test scores evaluated by colleges?  ● How do PSATs, Subject Tests, and APs work?   ● Why are college essays important? 
       ● What makes an effective college  essay?    ● What about extracurricular activities and  grades in school? ● Any questions YOU have for us! 
      FREE to all parents!
      Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm; February 24th, 2019
      Place: Room 344
GHCS Management Team