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GHCS Weekly Briefing for Sunday, May 1st, 2016

  1. Donation updates
  2. The priority early registration starts this Sunday May 1 and NEW classes and NEW teachers
  3. Summer Camp Open House event, “Bring a friend” on May 1. Whoever brings a friend to sign up our program will receive $20 as our appreciation
  4. Textbook order for next school year announcement
  5. Audition for the Poetry Recitation (Guo Lao Shi) on May 1
  6. Test for the students who would like to skip grade is on May 15
  7. Submitting certificates to exchange trophies at the graduation ceremony
  8. Call for articles for the school journal
  9. The First GH Cup Tennis Tournament
  10. The proposal of the school yearbook and designers and photographers are needed.
  11. 房地产讲座

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2016 Chinese Culture Summer Program

Our Mission

To promote Chinese language and culture in our community through interactive educational programs.

Our Objectives 
Our summer program is specially designed for students from K to 11th grades. The program empowers campers to develop independence, self-esteem and life-long friendships. They will be exposed not only to Chinese language and culture, but also a variety of activities ranging from science, math, drawing, dance, calligraphy, abacus, Chinese Gongfu, Chinese craft, games, and sports. We have also added English writing class and SAT/ACT prep classes this year to meet the needs of higher grade students.


� Chinese Language 

Three different level of Chinese language classes will be offered. 
Level 1 (Age 5 � Age 7), Beginner level. This level of class is for students who have no Chinese learning experience 
Level 2 (Age 8 � Age 10), Intermediate Level. This level of class is for students who have 4 years or more Chinese learning experience
Level 3 (Age 11 � Age 17), Advanced Level. This level of class is for students who have 6 years or more Chinese learning experience and want to know more Chinese cultures. 

� Chinese Yo-yo
Chinese Yo-yo is a toy from China consisting of two equally sized discs connected by a long axle. An alternating lifting and dropping motion is achieved using two sticks, each held in one hand, to keep the Yo-yo spinning on a string between the sticks. 

� Calligraphy
The word �Calligraphy� is originally a Greek word meaning �beautiful writing.� In China, however, calligraphy is regarded as an art form itself and is admired and displayed in museums just as paintings are. Chinese Calligraphy is a form of calligraphy widely practiced in China and revered in Chinese cultural sphere. 

� Abacus
Abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool that was used in old times before the adoption of the written modern numeral system. 

� Origami
Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Chinese culture. The goal is to transform a flat sheet square of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. 

� Chinese Chess
Chinese Chess, also called Xiangqi, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China. 

� Chinese Gong-fu
Chinese Gongfu, also called Kung fu and Wushu, is Chinese martial arts. There are several hundreds of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. 

� SAT/ACT Prep
Experienced SAT/ACT Prep teaching team has joined us. All SAT/ACT classes will be based on the new format of question styles. 


Three sessions are offered. 

Session 1: June 20 � July 1
Session 2: July 11 � July 22
Session 3: Aug 1 � Aug 19 


Very competitive tuition will be applied for this educational and fun summer program 


� �The summer program is very, very successful! Kids love it! It beats all of summer program she has been to so far, including the most expensive one in our area.�
� �We loved all the teachers and TA's enthusiasm and interest in xxx who knew little Chinese compared to the other children. They persisted with her reading and she really improved!�

If you are interested, please register online:

Summer Campers  Register Online

or register and mail the forms here:

SAT Preparation

Chinese Language and Culture Program

Methods of submission

By mail

Guang Hua Chinese Cultural Association
PO BOX 444
Spring House, PA 19477
By Email
The forms can also be dropped off at the school office

Pay 2016 Summer Program Tuition

If you are interested to be a teacher assistant, you may apply online:

Summer Program TA Application Form

More information can be found at


Contact Us

Room 345, Parkhouse Hall

340 DeKalb Pike

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422

PO BOX 444

Spring House, PA 19477


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